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Coachmen RV
Main address: 46540 Middlebury IN
574-825-8360, (888) 422-2582, ,
  • 21+1 mobile complaints
  • $100K claimed losses
  • $4.6K average
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  • Oct 07
  • Dealers
  • Bloomington, Illinois
  • Positive Experience
  • 98

The dealer could not get it serviced quickly enough so I contacted the Warranty Dept. Service so exceptional I can't describe it. They jumped on my unit like a NASCAR crew and fixed everything I asked and then other items that they noticed were not up to their specs. Would buy another one from them in a heartbeat. I know that people have problems with their units, and many times the dealer... Read more

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  • Sep 23
  • Dealers
  • Prestonsburg, Kentucky
  • Rv Warranty
  • 153

We purchased a Coachmen 2012 Freedom has been nothing but a piece of junk. When it rains it pours in right under the Fridge....the vent under the fridge looks like a water fall. The carpet stays wet and now the wood trim is molding and peeling off. I wish we never would have bought it. Also, the plastic covers on top of the camper that covers the skylights is falling... Read more

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  • Jul 08
  • Dealers
  • Jennings, Louisiana
  • Rv Warranty
  • 1
  • 1
  • 677

We purchased this TT Dec. 23, 2013. 10 days ago it rained (buckets, literally) and their was water pouring thru the skylight of the dinette. It was in the walls, ceiling, lights and all over the slide trim and on the floors. It was on a Friday afternoon. My insurance won't cover it because they say its a warranty problem. My TT has been at dealer for a week and was told yesterday that they... Read more

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  • Jul 08
  • Dealers
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Freedom Express Trailer
  • 342

We purchased new, a new 2014 Coachman, Freedom Express. In the short time we have owned this, one of the brake drums has gone out of round, the shower door has become unclosable without lifting it up, the sliding pocket door rollers broke, the electric hitch jack burned up,water pump quit, the battery went dead,the plastic wire guide for the slide out broke twice, the inside vents fell apart,... Read more

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We have bought 3 new campers since 2001. My last new camper what the 2007 38 foot coachman camper. we decided to take the booth out and put regular chairs and tables in. while taking the booth out there was mold all the way up the walls.couldn't figure it out where the water was coming from.come to find out that every slide out was not properly the water was running behind the rubber.Has... Add comment


  • Jun 10
  • Dealers
  • Poor Vehicle Quality
  • 302

We bought a brand new 2014 Coachman Freelander in 2013. The quality of the interior is awful. There are nail holes in the wood trim because they were not filled and sanded, cabinet doors will not stay shut when travelling and are not aligned, if water slashes behind the bathroom sink, there is a leak because of no sealant. Sawdust from unfinished wood is constantly falling from the cabinets and... Read more

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  • Jan 23
  • Dealers
  • York, Pennsylvania
  • 2005 Coachman Cascade
  • 252

of course the camper would have to gutted out to access the poorly designed - molded floor which was spongy feeling to the feet even from new. At a cost to repair of nearly $5,000.00, just not worth investing another nickel in it. Yes, I have been informed and understand the industry made changes to reduce weight, but the engineered structural changes to the flooring was extremely poor and... Read more

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  • Oct 29, 2013
  • Service Centers and Customer Services
  • Property Damage Repair
  • 2
  • 2
  • 1618

I want to respond to today's lack of customer service. Something your company says is a high priority. I called to get my 2013 Coachmen Freelander looked at because the dash air will not move from the windshield defrost to any of the other vents. I was unable to reach my salesman or the service department so I left a voicemail. I received a call back 30 minutes later. The gentleman indicated... Read more

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  • Sep 17, 2013
  • Dealers
  • 2011 34Bh Coachman Mirada
  • 3
  • 3
  • 473

I purchased a 2011 34BH Coachman Mirada model August 10, 2010 and have had trouble with it ever since. Here are all the problems documented as of today. Tried to contact Forestriver and Coachman and no response. Windshield wiper motor fell off in rain storm while driving repaired Fuses for level jacks burned up 3 times repaired Rear level jack had to be replaced Refrigerator element burned up... Read more

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  • Sep 11, 2013
  • Dealers
  • Canfield, Ohio
  • 2006 Coachmen Capri
  • 389

We purchased this travel trailer brand new in 2006 and on our first trip out the slide out would not come back in and we had to pay $40.00 to have someone at the campground put it in for us and we had to be at Disney World in Florida for a week with it in. Then, the roof leaked and ruined the shelf above the leak and it therefore leaked to the floor and ruined the floor. The antennae leaks also... Read more

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