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we purchased our 2016 Coachmen FE 246RKS in march of 2015 and took delivery of may that same year. The TT sat in our driveway for a month before we could use it for the first time over the fourth of july. 1 Day into our trip we woke up to find water all over the floor in the bedroom. Contacted our dealer and took it back the following weekend. said dealership had it for an entire month only to tell us they couldnt find anything wrong with it.... Read more

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2015 coachmen freelander vent cover for heater allow water in and short circuit circuit board repeated calks by campers inn of raynham mass to ron ross no reply this is a design problem. The vents are stamped wrong allowing rain water to drop in please contact me at 5087260681 and please contact joe at service dept campers inn raynham ma,

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Well... From beginninng our brand new unit has been falling apart. After a couple months trying to get things fixed (never was & some things worse) we were months late on travel /family plans... And Fort Myers, FL Camping World was so rude, even telling us a replacement "could be worse". The WHOLE INDUSTRY has No ACOUNTABILITY... And have heard it's close to 'pyramid scheme'. Even tried to tell us the frame (which looks 10yrs. old from... Read more

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I bought a 2012 coachmen 29bhds camper and the Tongue lift jack failed. Lippert the supply company sells no parts for these items. They only sell you a new entire unit. The jack company sells no parts. I removed the part myself and it is made of cheap material. No wonder it broke. They want them to fail so you have to buy an entire new jack instead of a$15 part. The dealer just wants to sell you one also. I can remove and replace the part if... Read more

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OMG our roof is flying off!!!! Brand new 2016 Coachman Freedom Express Liberty Edition on our way home from our first trip in our brand new trailer. I was crying and my husband was pissed. We have had the same Sunline Trailer for 15 years. Although an entry level camper it has served us well. Hated to part with it but it was time. I was looking at the Highland Ridge and Coachman Freedom Express. We finally decided to splurge a bit with the 2016... Read more

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This company is far below par when it comes to customer service, particularly when it comes to warranty repair. I bought a brand new RV from a dealership 90 miles from home because there are no high volume dealerships near us. When the toilet began to leak I thought it would be a simple matter of going to a shop that does warranty work in my town and having Coachman OK the work when the shop contacted them. Coachman makes getting approvals... Read more

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In august of 2014 we purchased a brand new brookstone coachman fifth wheel trailer. On our first journey we experienced problems with our TV the people at the park in upstate new york were kind enough to help us get at least two channels which were fuzzy at best. When we got back we had the trailer serviced because or a laundry list of things that needed attention. On our second trip to Connecticut the TV went blank when I entered the... Read more

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Coachmen Rv - Coachmen Prism/Freelander Generator fell off.
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The generator fell off the RV. There are 4 carriage bolts holding the QD 3200 Generator in place. 3 snapped and dropped the generator on the ground. You have to take the RV apart to get to 3 of the bolts, and the water tank has to come out for the 4th bolt. It's just fell off, fortunately I was backing in when it let go. Had I bee on the interstate it would have destroyed the RV and what ever vehicles were behind me. Not to mention it... Read more

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Coachmen Rv Rv Review from Madison, Wisconsin
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Here just two photos of my main I beam frames on my 2013 Chaparral Signature which we bought in 2014 and is one and a half years old. Had so many problems the first year with just the landing gear neglected to submit a claim on the rusty frame got to 3-year extended warranty and they won't reply on anything to do with the rusty frame in the process now scraping and sanding myself from putting POR 15 on it would never ever ever buy another... Read more

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We have a 2008 Chapperal Lite fifth wheel. The back wall is coming loose from the floor and is causing damage to the frame. There is no water damage or anything else that we can find that could be causing this.

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