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Filling the fresh water tank with a direct hookup the water tank expanded so much the floor popped up 4" in the camper (now leaving soft spots) and bent the bracket holding the tank underneath. The Coachmen warranty guy tells me it is a "user error". How can it be if a 1/2" line supply's the water and two 1/2" lines vent the tank (and not a single drop came out of the vent lines)? There clearly is something in this water tank to have caused the... Read more

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Bought my coahman catalina from TnT and could not stay in it because the referiator did not work among other things and this is going on for almost 4months now !! Called Coahman still no one has complied !! Its a 2016 paid cash and have not got to use what i paid for !!! Goes to show to show the name counts for nothing !!! Ive made over 100 calls to different people !! You would have thought that someone would have got it fixed by now !! Winter... Read more

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We continue to get 'excellent' service at Coachman Industries, but the list is so extensive on our unit I'm feeling sorry for servicemen. Six weeks+ and again 4th water pump, (plumbing & leaking seems to be mind boggling) it truly seems to be a [Lemon] or hexed... We are hanging in there, BEING my wife is still injured from a fall she incurred inside the unit from exccessive water leaks, and has a local Orthopedic doctors trying to help her. ... Read more

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We've had the same experience, shower doors handles falling apart, 2 months into first trip 2 tires fail, drawer latches breaking, blinds falling off the wall due to brackets breaking and fasteners pulling out of the wall, black tank valve not closing properly, slide out stopped working, ac gutter dumping condensation on slide out cover, power awing stopped working, slide out damaging the floor when closed, refrigerator condensation leaking on... Read more

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Coachmen Rv - My new coachmen mirada35 ls
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I now exactly what you mean' Jason Brewer is nothing but a big fat 2 faced liar!!! along with Nathan Hedges. I just can't believe the poor quality and carelessness that goes into their coaches. It is truly sickening. They shur do give the fine Amish people of Middlebury Ind a bad name. Because Coachmen sure likes to brag about Amish made quality in their products. The Amish people are sleeping at the wheel. They need to rise and rebel against... Read more

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Coachmen RV - Brookstone 378RE and Mid-State RV in Byron, GA
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After purchasing a 2016 Coachmen 378RE, the following quality concerns with the manufacturer and the dealer were discovered. • Coachmen RV has an ineffective quality program. • Coachmen RV warranty resolution process has not kept pace with technology. • Coachmen RV workforce does not embrace or exhibit pride, quality workmanship, or job ownership. • Mid-State RV has no quality improvement program. • Mid-State RV does not value customer... Read more

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2012 new Coachman concord by Forrest River furniture is peeling and flaking, even in areas that hardly get touch. Both captains chair are completely void of original material as it has all flaked off, sofa is in nearly same condition. We have already replaced dinette set at our own expense and they are having the same problems!! This is so frustrasting! Company tried to say we caused it by cleaning it!!! Glad to see we are not the only ones... Read more

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We bought a brand new 2015 35 ls. got it on Wednesday at 5 o'clock. first off the RV sales man is a bold faced liar. this unit was to be cleaned and every thing fixed upon delivery. when we got to the dealer that day it was being washed and we could not look at it because it was being washed. and we were told it was ready to go and everything was fixed. so we went and did the paper work. then things get dicey with the owner of the rv dealership.... Read more

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we purchased our 2016 Coachmen FE 246RKS in march of 2015 and took delivery of may that same year. The TT sat in our driveway for a month before we could use it for the first time over the fourth of july. 1 Day into our trip we woke up to find water all over the floor in the bedroom. Contacted our dealer and took it back the following weekend. said dealership had it for an entire month only to tell us they couldnt find anything wrong with it.... Read more

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2015 coachmen freelander vent cover for heater allow water in and short circuit circuit board repeated calks by campers inn of raynham mass to ron ross no reply this is a design problem. The vents are stamped wrong allowing rain water to drop in please contact me at 5087260681 and please contact joe at service dept campers inn raynham ma,

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