Im noticing and having quit a few issues. The main one is terrible plumbing workmanship which created a leak unnoticeable until the damage was done.

The floor under the shower insert came hacked up to accommodate the p-trap, which sets lower than the floor. Drain has leaked into the belly of the trailer for awhile, until it froze and cracked fresh water tank. My warranty was up in 2017. Would this be honored and fixed by coachmen??

I also have the wall from bathroom to bedroom that has a bow in it; the wall looks hunchback. I have pics of all and would like coachmen to work with the dealer here to get it fixed. I love the trailer but where’s the quality and worksmanship from your builders? Oh and one more thing.

The paneling wall that separates the tin siding and insulation; they never finished cutting it out for the top vent to my refrigerator which is causing terrible cooling issues. I can forward pics of everything

Product or Service Mentioned: Coachmen Rv Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Had a Sabre many concerns , then they said since i tried to fix it they wash there hands... NEVER AGAIN FOREST RIVER!!!

i hope Foreign competition Destroy your terrible work ethic on Quality and value in your products!

i will be standing there to say good buy.. Sad what you have turned this one time GREAT industry into..Shame on you!


Good Job...




Believe me about what? Explain yourself


Have a 2019 leprechaun and same thing in shop water drain on shower .take a shower and water runs in the kitchen area. Brand new and they never did check it out before delivery. They claim they do but so much for that


I talked to a guy who got into contact with the forest river ceo about an issue he had and ceo told him that with the quantity of trailers produced and sold, there able to take some losses in court if the buyer wants to go that far but they won’t change or repair anything. I’ll never buy another coachmen and will definitely be looking better at the next one I buy.

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