First I must say that out dealer in Akron, General RV, has been considerate and helpful . As far as the Mirada by Coachman of Forest River Inc.

goes, it is junk and I'm sorry I spent $90,000 for it . First drive 16' of cable was dragging on the highway. The dashboard skirt molding is so long that I actually cut my legs on them when driving .I had to remove (cut off) 21/2" of lower dash to be able to extend my legs to the brake. Very *** arrangement.

( I repaired) Frig will not stay closed and dealer had to put a screw in knob between the doors when traveling. Whirlpool says it needs "balanced".How do you balance a moving RV ?? Seat belt was assembled improperly to wall and would not swivel ( I repaired ).Dinette and post mismatched and not secure. Generator did not supply power and had to be repaired by Cummings.

Window screens fall out and the little clips to retain continually are lost. *** arrangement and totally useless . Kitchen sink feel half way off in first long trip. Secured only by 4 daps of cement on a board (Now repairing myself).Drawers will not stay closed after one repair ,but still open on trip.Counter section over stove not secure and continually falls off.

Dangerous if someone should try to lean on it .Shower wall at bottom no secured,loose,and not caulked.Six basement doors would not stay locked (closed) on highway .(I repaired) Steps not retracting /extending properly. Dealer repaired .Shower head o'ring installed improperly .( Dealer reinstalled ) House batteries not charging from invertor and owner (me again) had to contact factory tech to readjust properly. Windows only open 2 1/2" and hence there is no air circulation on warm days, BUT, they don't leak ;-(( . So far the coach has continued to run, but anything will not surprise me .

The Ford 10 cylinder only gives us 7 miles per gal. Our "old" Winnebago gave 9 mpg.

There are many other small defects that are gradually being cleaned up,like the drivers seat is not square when in forward driving position BUT, I would never purchase another unit made by Coachman, and I will make every attempt to prevent friends and acquaintances from purchasing a Coachman, if asked . This is my personal opinion and experience.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I've become accustomed to a certain level of quality in all of my vehicle purchases but it is very evident that the RV Industry as a whole, is not committed to quality-control and is leaving the roads of America strewn with RVs that are sloppily put together, exceptionally bad warranty service and commitment to the products from the manufacturers, and hapless buyers who are duped into RV buying without realizing that they will end up with a lemon or a money-pit to toss their hard-earned money into.Count me out, RV shopping has ended for me. Thank goodness before I spent too much on this garbage.


Yeah I spent the same on a 2016 Coachman Prism. Got it home and showing it off, couldn't get the slide out to come back in.

The dealership (General RV in Draper Utah) wanted us to drive it 80 miles with the slide hanging out back to them. Called Coachman, and those *** bags would not return my calls or emails. Decals coming off, drivers seat slide bar bent, chip out of dinette table, leaking slide out, backup lights coming on while driving, fridge 65 degrees on gas, etc... Fridge actually gets colder on battery, by 25 degrees.

Worked through most problems, have Dometic dealer looking at fridge on sept. 5. You'd think for one hundred thousand dollars, you might get decent customer service from Coachman, NOPE!

Coachman are used car salesmen *** bags that don't back up, or even correspond with customers and their issues due to very very poor workmanship. STAY AWAY from Coachman JUNK...


I'm having some of the same problems I purchase a 2016 coachmen pursuit 2months ago seats won't swivel due to improper mounting sink in the rest room is separating from the wall 1/2 inch alarm inside coach continuous beep

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