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Purchased the unit back in March it is now September we bought a brand new 2019 Freedom Express, we only had possession of it for 3 weeks, was at the dealership for almost 2 months waiting on repairs before we took delivery of it just because of a 15-minute walk through numerous things we found, when we took possession of it we took it camping for a 3-day camping trip almost hourly we found major issues wrong with the trailer factory defects Factory flaws, it is now September 2018 we have made payments on this unit for over half a year and have had it less than 3 weeks and it looks like it's going to be sitting there for at least another two months at the dealership waiting for factory parts to come in to make repairs we have our doubts that everything will be repaired and fixed so we don't have to take it back for me Moore repair anybody else having this problem

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Could you be more specific about what repairs? We just bought one and had to have a bunch of stuff fixed.


What type of problems?

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