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We bought a new 2013 Mirada which we really like-for the most part. Within a short time we noticed that the skin was peeling off both captain chairs, the sofa and the kitchen table.

We called Coachman and they said they or the manufacturer could do nothing since "they didn't know our usage routine." We have used the motorhome little recently since my husband had several medical issues including open heart surgery. Each time we use it we wind up sweeping the small pieces up. When we first noticed the problem we started putting a sheet over the chairs and sofa which really didn't help much. We travel mostly in the northwest where the nights are usually cool.

We never heard of this happening to anyone before and had three motorhomes before the Mirada with no similar problems.

With my husbands health improving we want to travel a least a couple more years but are frankly embarrassed by the condition of the furniture. Cornelius DePree-239-498-3994-nealdepree@yahoo.com-9238 Coachhouse Lane ,Estero, Florida 33928

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Warranty service, 2014 coachman apex 268bhs.

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2015 Coachman 35BH 7800 miles was slightly used and all furniture fabric is peeling and flaking. Coachman and RV dealership advises nothing they can do BUT (I can purchase replacement covers at my expense through Williamsburg furniture company) REALLY? LESSON LEARNED:NEVER AGAIN #neverwouldibuyfailingfabricfromsamecompanyagain #sellingmycoachman #noRVwithWilliamsburgforme #neveranothercoachmanproduct

NeedlessTibetan Mastiff

We have a 2014 Sportcoach Cross Country less than 4,000 miles on it and we are having this very same issue. Has anyone gotten Coachmen to step up and replace the defective furniture?

I am not sure who to contact - coachmen customer service? There is definitely an issue with the product and has been for a while based on all of the model years that I am reading about having the same issue. If there is a lawsuit we would also like to be included.

dee10785@yahoo.com The coach is very nice inside, except now it looks bad and is embarrassing to have people come inside. There should be a recall.


We have exactly the same problem and have ask local reupholster about the issue who said it was recycled leather. He had to throw out his entire stock of this stuff because of the problem.


Per the company's website: We also use residential grade, durable fabrics that are attractive yet offer premium durability, and are sewn by our specialists for outstanding results. With a wide range of fabric choices you will be able to achieve an inviting and attractive look that you can really feel good about. Sure!


I also have a 2013 Coachmen Mirada and the sofa, dinette, and captain chairs are all peeling and flaking. The sofa is almost completely peeled off.

Has anyone found a cheaper and more reliable solution? I’ve had other problems as well.

What a disappointment. I won’t ever buy coachmen again.


Same problem with our 2014 coachmen Mirada. All the seats are peeling. Any resolution yet??


We have a 2014 Thor Windsport . Driver seat passenger seat dinette couch and recliner are all peeling .

The peeling started when Coach was two years old .

Same story manufacturer said they would not stand behind it . Is there a class-action suit or anything started on this issue .


I have a 2014 Mirada RV and the couch, dinette booth seats and captain chairs are also peeling. As soon as we got it, I used the spray they gave us and would routinely "condition" the material.

We finally got an Ikea couch to replace the *** couch in the RV. I have been looking for seat covers that would fit the booth seats, with no luck. Knowing that Coachman won't cover their shoddy furniture, I guess I'm going to have to either have them redone professionally, or make new covers.

I have spoken to other Coachman RV owners and they also have had the same situation. I will never buy another Coachman RV again.


We have a 2014 Coachmen Mirada 35DL with less than 10,000 miles and the only owners. We are having the same problem with the sofa peeling and cracks on the seat cushions.

It is so bad I have to keep it covered. I am constantly sweeping up the pieces. When you purchase your Coachmen the Dealer can care less they made their sale. I purchase my Coachmen in Florida.

If anyone hears of a class action suit on this we would love or join. nellisflyer@att.net


We also have the same problem with our 2015 Coachmen Mirada upholstery. We just bought it used about a month ago.

Camping World is recovering the captain chairs because they were so badly cracked and peeled that they couldn't sell it without fixing them. We used the coach for a four day trip as soon as we bought it. During the first trip the couch and dinette also started to deteriorate. We returned it to Camping World as soon as we returned (Dec 8th) and they will not replace those as they were "ok" when we took it.

Here we are, Dec 29th and we haven't gotten it back yet. That is a whole nother problem but it is Camping World, not with the upholstery.

After reading all the other comments I'm assuming Coachmen isn't going to do anything either.

If anyone hears of a class action suit on this we would love or join. 941-916-3838 Port Charlotte, FL


We have a 2013 Coachman Leprechaun with the same cracked and peeling problem. Why doesn't the manufacturer back up their product???


I also have peeling furniture and coachman will do nothing about it since I'm not original owner. I bought it a year ago and apparently the prev owner never used it because the seating started peeling immediately.

Very disappointed with lack of support.

Coachman Miranda 35LS 2014. I've been looking to see if there's a class action since some furniture dealers have been sued for similar problems and had to replace

to Jane #1542702

same here. we have a 2014 Rambler Vacationer SE - The deteriorating,cracking and peeling sofa and chairs - not happy at all these companies do not stand behind their products. For the cost of the vehicles the least they could do is replace the furniture- if not a Class action suit would be of interest to us as well.


Our chair appeared to be brand new, no one had sat in it, has the same problem. Peeling mess!!!

2007 Concord. Bought it used, but the chair was new.


I have the exact problem with my 2013 Coachmen Encounter. I have never seen material delaminate like this.

Chunks of material are everywhere in the coach. The dinette and the sofa are destroyed.

The captains chair are not far behind.Has anyone taken this company to small claims court?

Has there been any settlements?

Never again will I buy a Coachmen product.

New Jersey, United States #1347964

We have a 2013 Coachmen Mirada are are experiencing the same issues with the sofa and Captain so chairs. We only use it for the month the July and it is only the two of us.

I want it replaced due to the issue. Who do I Contact?


I also am having the same problem with my 2013 Mirada. He have decided to try an sell our RV for other reasons unrelated to the RV, so I am having to get all the cushions and end caps reupholstered.

Not happy at all about this. Spoke with Williamsburg Furniture and they offered to sell me replacements covers but I don't trust their quality at this point, not to mention it would take almost a month to get them.

This is our 3rd RV and have never had this problem. Forest River should take some responsibility in this if you ask me.

Orlando, Florida, United States #1237924

I botched since may of this year (2016) I just received today a roll of fabric and new seat covers for everything. Looks good not cheap but is still williamsburg.

Now have to get quote for the couch.

They said they will pay and that is what the roll is for. If my guy says it's crappie I'm not using it

to Anonymous #1545309

Who did you speak to there? They want me to pay for the new covers.


We have a 2014 Mirada and the Captain Seats, Sofa, and bench seats in the kitchen are ALL flaking. Of course I sent a note to Forest River where they claim a reply in 48 hours.

Have heard nothing. It is not from wear and tear causing this as it flakes off on the back side of cushions where it is not exposed or even touched. I have an expensive 34 ft 2014 motorhome that I need to replace the all the furniture. Not Happy.

At the very least I expect to replace these at a cost price.

If you buy from Coachman beware of their fake leather furniture. It may very well look awful in a year or two.

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