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Bought 2017 Forest River Coachmen Catalina Legacy Edition 293RLDS April 12, 2017.... it has been to dealers 5 times now as well as the factory.

Total of 28 days, between dealers and factory. It came back from the factory looking worse than when they picked it up. Issues we have had: 1) Fireplace would not stay on... dealer ended up replacing.

2) Oven would not stay lit... replaced control 3) Both slides scraping on floor... dealer shimmed up slides. 4) No heat in bathroom...

dealer found duct work pushed too far into main duct.... 5) 2 window shades would not stay up... dealer adjusted. 6) 2 window shades would not close all the way down...

dealer adjusted. 7) Leak in gutter beside entry door... 2 dealers could not get it to stop leaking. Still leaks.

8) Trim falling off refrigerator door.... dealer "glued" it back on. 9) Trim missing in bathroom... dealer installed.

10) Kitchen slide falls out at top while traveling.... dealer says nothing is wrong. Factory adjusted... so far so good.

11) Carpet and linoleum cut/damaged.... factory replaced 12) Underbelly not totally enclosed.... factory "patched" and spray foamed... still not totally enclosed...

3 places open. 13) Awning not closing all the way, falling out at front when traveling, wire covers falling off..... dealer worked on 7 times, factory replaced. 14) Leak under kitchen sink...

I found the fittings loose, tightened. 15) Plywood under mattress was not even, large lip.... dealer replaced and adjusted trim so would be level. 16) many numerous loose trim pieces....

dealer stapled. 17) Little to no TV reception with factory installed antennae..... dealer replaced. 18) Leak in front storage compartment....

factory fixed and replaced damaged wood. 19) no air flow in bedroom from a/c vent..... I removed a duct work cutout.... 20) aluminum tape in all the A/C vents loose, sticking up and blocking air flow...

I removed all the vents and old tape and retaped them... 21) both sets of lights along the frame hanging down..... factory put 3 clamps on each side, they are still loose and hanging.

Many other small numerous items.... Coachmen does not have any quality control since being bought by Forest River, nor does the employees care about what they are building.....

Product or Service Mentioned: 2017 Coachmen Rv Catalina Legacy Edition 293rlds Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Soooo disappointed In the Coachmen RV Company. No one to talk too & they sold us a POS that they wont fix the problems.

Its been sitting for weeks to be fixed & making payments already but havnt been able to use it!

Sick of the run around and wish we would have bought a different brand due to their lack of customer service as well as many other serious problems. Quality is the worst!khawk10@***.com


Wow yours is as bad as mine. Apparently anyone can work for Coachmen.


Update: after 5 months, the dealer bought it back.... we are done with this major thorn in our side.

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