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Coachman 2018 Mirada 31ss

Is anyone else having problems with the slide out on Coachman Mirada or Lippert slide out mechanisims? Loud, sounds like binding and scratches in back outside wall of slide.

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Unfortunately, Coachmen Rv does not provide any information about possible issues with the 2018 Mirada 31ss slide-out mechanisms on the company website. However, according to the reviews posted at rvinsider.com, Coachmen Rv customers noticed different Mirada problems including the slides are not going in or out, going out crocked and making a lot of noise when traveling. Customers recommend to contact the dealer, so they can fix the slide mechanisms.
@Jack Nolan Have your dealer contact Forest River for repair procedure. Ours was done 8 times by the dealer and looked at 2 times at factory. It has been fixed and is working correctly now.
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I have a 2015 Coachmen Concorde 300DS. The floor is lifting. Why?

by Ron and Lorraine W

The floor, not the lino, has popped up in front of the center slide. Is the wood glued to a product beneath it or to the frame?

I’m trying to figure out if I drill holes and inject glue if it will re-bind. Any other suggestions?

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Why does my New 2020 Leprechaun motorhome lean to one side

by Dean F Cuq

I've called Coachman and talked to a rep. He asked for pics of the motorhome leaning.

I provided pics but he came back and said they were not good enough, so I resent the pics he requested. Now he wont reply back to any emails. It leans to the drivers side by more then a couple inches and very noticeable.

Took it in to the dealer and they told me its just the way it is. Looking for help

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Why does it take a week to find out if an awning shock is covered on a seven month old camper.

Went to Van Boxtel RV where we purchased a 2019 39MKTS to get a replacement stabilus lift-o-mat shock for the awning and the man was really rude and said it would take at least a week to find out if it is covered or if there is a pro- rated cost. This camper is new and I don’t feel the should be any cost or have to wait that long for a replacement.

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As stated at coachmenrv.com, Coachmen RV a division of Forest River, Inc. The company provides a One-Year Limited Warranty. Most RV dealerships sell after-market extended warranty contracts that have a variety of terms, conditions and time periods. Please look through your contract with Coachmen RV as well as their warranty to find out if they cover the stabiles lift-o-mat shock for the awning.
Unfortunately, Coachmen RV does not provide any information on how much time they may need to check what their warranty covers on the company website. You may contact the Coachmen RV customer care team for assistance. You may reach out to them by phone at (888) 327-**** (toll-free number).

2008. Coachman Concord 300TS

Is this unit considered a Class C PLUS as opposed to a Class C? kessie2@***.com

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According to the 'Specs for 2008 Coachmen - Concord Floorplan: 300 TS' article posted at rvusa.com, 2008 Coachman Concord 300TS is considered a Class C.
To get more information about 2008 Coachman Concord 300TS, please contact the Coachmen RV customer care team by phone at (888) 327-**** (toll-free number) or by email at nhedges@***.com.


I recently bought a 201* ***RB and the front nose on left side is all wavy. The right side is fine is this common and would it be delamination?

I have thoroughly checked for water damage and can’t find any so I don believe that’s the reason. Anyone else experience this?

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There are no details about the 218RB possible issues with the front nose and delamination on the Coachmen Rv website. Please contact the Coachmen Rv customer care team for assistance. You may reach out to them by phone at (888) 327-**** (toll-free number). You may also try to discuss the delamination issue with the Coachmen Rv representative as well as the company customers via the Coachmen Rv social networks.


Class C coachman 220 QR -Daily power is lost if not hooked up to electricity. Middle of the night the generator cannot start without turning on the truck engine.

Food has been lost because we left the state park for the day. Battery level High Auxiliary always low


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All the electrical issues with your class C Coachman 220 QR should be discussed with the Coachmen Rv representatives. Please contact the Coachmen Rv support to schedule a visit to address your concerns. You may reach out to them by phone at (888) 327-****.

coachman cadet

can you send me out a book on accessories I can buy for my coachman camping trailer & am I able to buy a owners manual for a 1980s model coachman camping trailer & where are the serial numbers located at on a 18ft coachman cadet 1980s model? thank you craig featherly 1230 95th ave ne blaine mn 55434

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To get the detailed information about the 1980s model Coachman camping trailer owners manual as well as the accessories with serial numbers, please contact the Coachmen Rv representative by visiting any of the dealer locations or by calling at (888) 327-**** (toll-free number).
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