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Nothing like the thrill of buying a new 2015 Coachman Mirada 35 LSF 1f66f5dy6foao4474, What a rotten experience we have been through' It all started with Collier RV in Rockford' They will lie and tell you anything to get you to by from them' Then 2 trips to Middlebury to Coachman' First trip to a factory authorized service center for one week' that's how long it took to get our brand new coach fixed so we could even get to use it, Then back in December for 6 weeks at the factory for the rest of the repairs, They fixed many things, Like replace the windshield' De laminating, Replace the floor with linoleum , Tiles were coming up and not sticking to the floor in several places" Cabinet work through out, Way to many nail holes and scratches' Both slides needed to be fixed, bedroom slide stops came off' not stopping where it should have, Going out to far and in to far tore up the cabinets, Living Room slide not closing all the way' T bar had to be removed and cut to fit because it hit the rollers on frame, Then they could not even paint it for me, Replace the awning over the living room slide, Collier leaves them open all year long so it had a large stain from snow and ice setting on it for so long and stretched it out, and so much more, Well anyway Coachmen RV Co, Jason Brewer, Regional Service Manager' read over my very long list of problems and told me that nothing is warranty" but i will fix it, He did not make me feel any better about all the problems, He was ignorant and snotty about the whole ordeal, They think we should buy there rotten RVs and not complain about the very poor quality workmanship that goes into building them, Nathan Hedges Service Representative' I spent many times talking to this guy, One thing for sure' this guy gets very defencive' just like Brewer when you start talking about the quality of their RVs. And he really gave me the feeling that i had to kiss his but to get anything fixed, He promised me a tour of the factory" But he was always to busey' So that never happened, When i picked up our coach in December at the factory, He couldn't even stick around to go over the things they fixed, He started to but they found that the Dashboard air was not working' And so they took it back in to make a mad dash to fix it at about 2:15, Nathan left, I went to get a sandwich and was back at 3:33 they go home at 3:30 and my coach was setting out side with a note on the seat explaining that a vacuum line was pinched off causing it to malfunction, And no Nathan to go over the rest of the list that they made out to go over with me and tell me about the repairs, All i know is i spent many phone calls' emails' texts to him.

Two text was just recently about the fuel cap' And he never got back to me, So i emailed Bob Jewel repair shop Foreman and he got right back to me about the cap, Saying that it was ordered from ford and it is the correct one, Bob Jewel made a great effort to fix our coach But it is management that would not let him fix it like they should have, If more people at Coachman were like Bob' Coachman would have to do no repairs on their RV's' And i was assured that we would be happy when we get it back, well we are not, I got it back with some things that were not repaired, Like the steering wheel alignment it was off to the right when i left it, Now it is off to the left just as far as it was to the right, And they said it was fixed' Bottom of living room slide Tbar is not painted on the bottom, Entrance door is still not closing right not latching all the way, They replaced the gas cap' The guy working on it told me that it got damaged somehow so they ordered a new one and put it on it' So now on my trip home the check engine light came on to warn me of a problem' You now they told me to go to Ford motor company to get it fixed' Ford told me they probably damaged the EVAP system and it was their responsibility' Real nice for me' Seal sweep on living room slide coming off, Original sweep looks to have been replaced with a stick on version that is not holding, A wire was actually hanging over the exhaust pipe and was burned up and melted' and was on my list when they got it' And when i got it home it was still there, I had to crawl under it and put it back up in the frame rail, The black paint on the top and bottom sides had a very high sharp edge on where they taped it to spray it, they fixed the edge on bottom stripe' but not the top stripe edge, the bottoms of the storage compartments are bowing down in the middle and look terrible, Brewer told me he will not fix them, period' and the whole chassis and bottoms of storage compartments are just full of rust' rust is everywhere on the bottom this coach including the gen set' Go figure' they have all of their chassis setting out side in a field' With buckets and or tarps over the steering wheels, chassis are in the elements, snow rain what ever, Outside TV compartment had damage to the bottom left side and had a crack shaped like a c in the body and it was painted with a paint that was a few shades lighter and did not match at all' well they fixed it al right' they painted it the correct color but they just sprayed it over the damaged aria and left it like it was' So water can get inside and start the process of delamination, They did not make no effort to fix the crack in the body what so ever. And mud flaps on the front wheels would be nice, The wheels throw road wash/mud/snow/debris all over the steps so when you go in and out you track it in, And throw the same on the other side where the hyd compartment is at.

In general the paintwork is a very low quality and the finish shows it. Our coach had something wiped down the sides along the body line and they were going to buff it off while they were buffing all the smudges and dull spots off' They did pretty good on the dull spots but left the other smears down both sides along the body line, It looked like someone wiped down the sides with a rag that had something on it that would not come off the paint, The dashboard is setting on the steering column and all the way over to the right side, Not centered in the dash opening, The steering column rubs so bad it squeaks sometimes when you tilt the steering wheel, Nathan Hedges will not fix it, So buyer beware coachman is not the friendliest company to do business with and they do not build the best either, It is in my opinion that they give the Amish people a bad name with the quality of their work' Because they like to brag that their RVs are made in the heart of the Amish country with craftsmanship, Any body El's have any horror stories about Coachman products,

Product or Service Mentioned: 2015 Coachmen Rv Mirada 35lsf Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $99000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Your coach makes my Winnebago look petty good. Get a lawyer.....

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